VOIP Phone Solution

At IT Ally, calling the world doesn’t have to cost a lot. Our Voice Services offer everyday rates as low as 3¢ per minute. You can also add our International Calling Plan, and get 500 minutes to 195 countries, including 78 mobile destinations for only $35 a month.

For customize plan, send us email specifying your desire destination Power outage Advantage

IT Ally Voice will also work in the course of a power outage with the proper backup battery and UPS installed. Benefits of using Voice Over IP (VoIP) Phone Services

Our Voice Service offers many benefits and cost effective solutions. You can make a call on your IT Ally phone number from anyplace in the world, however, you must need to have Internet access and your all calls within IT Ally Network will be no charge.

You can access IT Ally voice service from any corner of the world as long as you have fair access of an Internet access. The beauty of our Voice Service is, you can manage your phone in multiple ways, by configuring a hard phone on your desk, by installing a soft phone on your PC or IPAD, Tablet or an application on your smartphone. This will give you comfort not to miss your home phone call while you away and you don’t have to pay heavy call divert charges.

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