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IT Ally is a New Zealand-owned Internet and Voice Service provider. We provide a unique solution for your business needs. Whether it is a rapid shift in IT sectors or the necessity of your business evolution, IT Ally Consultant Provides a wide range of IT solutions. You can book with one of our IT (Telco) experts as per your flexibility. Meetings Available (Online/Phone/Face to Face) Our Consultation is very flexible and generally requires 10 to 30 Minutes which is free.

Why Choose IT Ally Business Solutions
Common Questions
No.1 What is the right Broadband Available in my area No.2 How many Phone lines do I require No.3 How to Minimize my Telco Bill No.4 What Service do I require No.5 How long does it take to complete all the setup No.6 How To Combined Multiple Locations No.7 How To Setup Multiple Phone lines and Multiple Broadband Connections

How does the Consultation Help you?
No.1 Latest Features and Necessary Upgrades are Mandatory to have hassle-free services, and by avoiding them, you may suffer or leave behind the Technology. No.2 You Can Customize Mobile, Internet, and Phone Package to make your tailor-made Plan. No.3 A Complete Cost Comparison and Overview. No.4 Answer all the Technical queries, whether it's aligning with your Currently running Services or a Choice to selecting a better option No.5 The Coverage Solution For Your Internal Wi-Fi

How It Works
Step-1 Book An Appointment with One of IT Ally Consultants Step-2 Discuss Your Package, Your Current requirement, or any other issue you currently have. Step-3 Get A Quote From IT Ally Step-4 Verify All the Options and See if it works for you Step-5 Click Online Quote Link to Proceed (No need to Print, You can sign electronically) Step-6 Once Quote is Accepted, OurTeam take-over the Service Changeover Process from A to Z and guides you step by step. If You require to set up any equipment onsite, We'll send IT Ally Technician to Setup For Our Customer Step-7 A Complete Service Changeover takes 3 to 5 Business days, but it depends on how fast we get all the approvals from our Customer Step-8 Once IT Ally completes the Service Changeover, You'll have then 30-days Cool-Out Period to review Your Services and let us know if something is incorrect.

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