Data Backup & Recovery

IT Ally provides solutions for Fast, Reliable Data Protection, Back up your data with confidence using flexible deployment options and rapid, granular recovery—across your hybrid cloud.A complete backup, whether you are backing up Servers or Workstations using Backup Software, or backing up your Cloud Solutions using Cloud Backup, your solution should be of paramount importance to your company. It is the way in which you can recover data when you need to, and ensures you can get back up and running in the case of a disaster (whether it’s a computer disaster or a natural one).

IT Ally back up solutions are:
  • Eliminate accidental data loss.
  • Recover quickly from ransomware, virus, or other malicious attacks.
  • Prevent data corruption.Incremental backups
  • Full backups
  • Synthetic full backups
  • Differential backups
  • Incremental-forever backups
  • Each service has its perks. For instance, full backups involve making a copy of the entire data set. Nothing will be lost or left behind.

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