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CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television system where the signals are captured and monitored for security and surveillance purpose. This system includes strategic placement of cameras and displays in order to monitor the camera’s input. The cameras communicate on a private coaxial cable or the wireless communication links with video recorders and the monitor or display systems. The whole system is called “Closed Circuit” because the content is not publically accessible and can be accessed by the designated and authorized personnel only. Old CCTV systems were small and have black and white display monitors but modern CCTV camera surveillance systems come with colored and high resolution displays and can include various aspects like zooming on the image and tracking features. Remote video monitoring and HD recording are the primary functions of CCTV systems.

CCTV Applications:
• Traffic monitoring. • Inspecting locations where human reach can be hazardous like toxic or radioactive environments. • Home or building security to prevent theft. • Capture activities in sensitive environments like banks, airports, casinos, retails shops. • Monitoring incidents in factories which help in ACC investigation on happening on an accident. • Crime prevention and record of evidence. • Monitoring employees in various environments like handling cash, financial statements and other operations. • Security and privacy.

IP Cameras:
IP (Internet Protocol) cameras use Internet protocol to transmit video in a digital form within a network. The system comes with remote access where the video data captured can be seen on a smart device like a computer, phone or tablet. This modern technology has made it easy to keep an eye on your business while you are still away from your workplace. IP wireless cameras do not require a video cable for transmission as they use wireless technology. The signals are secure and interference free. IP cameras require NVR to handle video recording and alarm management. IP cameras can also record to a remote storage media if the camera system is decentralized.

CCTV storage and preservation:
CCTV systems record and store the digital video in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) or directly to a server or NVR (Network Video Recorder) if the cameras used are IP cameras. NVR (Network Video Recorder) records IP cameras. These cameras are connected directly to the recorder or by using a switch or a router. On the other hand, DVR records analog cameras or coax based cameras. NVR’s input is from a network but DVR’s input is from a direct connection like a video capture card. Both NVR and DVR record cameras with distinct transmission methods. NVR’s are like network devices that have an IP address and need to be programmed during setup. The amount of data stored on the DVR or NVR storage relies on factors like compression ratio, file format, size, storage per second, etc.

Different brands of cameras have different prices. Wireless cameras are expensive than wired ones and the installation cost also varies. Network storage like DVR and NVR will also be a part of the overall cost. The overall cost relies on the type of camera like IP or normal one, brand, choice of storage capacity and other prime installation factors.

Camera Brands done by IT Ally:
• DAHUA • HIKVISION DAHUA: 1. Dahua IPC-HDBW2431R-ZS Lite-series 4MP WDR H265 PoE IP IR (30m) Weatherproof Vandalproof Dome Camera with 2.7-13.5mm Motorized Zoom lens Features: • 1/3” 4MP progressive CMOS • H.265 & H.264 dual-stream encoding • 20fps @ 4MP (2688×1520) & 25fps @ 3MP (2304×1296) • WDR (120dB), day/night (ICR), 3DNR, AWB, AGC, BLC • Multiple network monitoring: Web viewer, CMS (DSS / PSS) & DMSS • Micro SD card slot, up to 128GB • 2.7~13.5mm varifocal lens • Max IR LEDs Length 50m • IP67/IK10, 12VDC/PoE

2. Dahua ITC237-PU1B-IR
2MP 1080P Full HD WDR Access LPR Camera – with 5-50mm Manual Zoom Lens Features: • Embedded with LPR algorithm inside the camera • Support plate cutout, overview picture snapshot and video recordingEmbedded with White list database, control the barrier • Powerful 5-50mm manual zoom lens and IR light, ideal for monitor ANPR distance as 40m • Wide working temperature, IP66 and superior performance for outdoor applications • True WDR technology

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